An App to Avoid Mr Crazy Relationship?

A psychologist has developed an app to help you avoid bad relationships. maybe you can use this like a  lie detector. It’s like having a home alarm sign and not really having an alarm. psycologist CompataApp is designed to allow you to rate and score the behaviours of your partner or the person who you are dating. You can compare the scores to treatment that you are likely to receive from them if you enter a long term relationship with that individual.

Does Having a Dog Kill Relationships?

The short answer is yes. Your pet is the priority in your life and the man is further down the list. If the choice has to be made the dog wins over the man every time. dog Your dog is on a schedule. There are only X amount of hours it can go without being walked or fed before there’s an issue. You can’t really wing it with guessing when you have a dog. If you’re on a date and you think you might sleep over, you have to make arrangements for someone to take your dog out, or you’ll have to leave at the crack of dawn.

Ask 5 Questions To Know If Cheater Is Worth Keeping

To forgive a cheater and continue the relationship is for others not me. I’m out of there. The experts think there is a chance to love and trust again.five-questions-10-2  
  • Tracey Cox says you can forgive a cheating partner in some circumstances
  • But in order to move on you need to accept YOU may have to change
  • Tracey says that it is important to accept the old relationship is dead

Eight Things to Never Tell A Man!

Ladies don’t blow this relationship by trying to impress a man with your past sexual relationships. The male ego is a funny thing and a innocent comment can turn him off forever. 8-things-9-29
  • Sexpert Tracey Cox gives her rules on what to never tell a new man
  • Don’t overshare about old flames and your previous sex lives
  • She advises to never share how many people you’ve slept with before

12 Do Not’s To Keep a Man

What causes men to run away and never be seen again. Check out these tips from dating experts. 12-things-9-29